Missouri TABE Placement Test Locations By City

Intro to MOLearns

MOLearns is a perfect solution for students who would like to reach their goal of earning a high school equivalence (HSE) but can't regularly make it to traditional classes. Although all official testing must be done in an onsite classroom, you can do the rest of your studying on your computer according to your own schedule - day or night!

To be eligible for the program you must:

be a Missouri resident
be 17 years old or older and not currently enrolled in high school
have the ability to go to an onsite class to take the placement tests
study and communicate with your online teacher regularly
return to an onsite class to re-test as required by your online instructor
have and know how to use an email account
have regular access to a computer with internet access

Please note: Smart phones and tablets are not recommended for online study at this time.

To maintain enrollment in the program you must:

study a minimum of 5 hours per week or 20 hours per month
return to an onsite class to take an updated placement test at the request of your online teacher
maintain weekly email communication with an online teacher

In order to begin MOLearns, you must first fill out an online application.

  • A few days after completing the application you will receive an email from an online teacher with instructions on where to take a placement test.
  • After you take your placement test tell the teacher at the classroom to send your test results to your online teacher.
  • Once your placement test scores are received, your online teacher will email you a username and password so you can begin studying for your high school equivalence (HSE) test!

Are you ready to begin? Apply Now and begin your journey.

Smartphones and Tablets are not supported. We do not recommend using a smartphone or tablet for applying.